Book Pairing #13: All The Light We Cannot See

It occurred to me when meandering through my GoodReads list, that I automatically disregard any fiction since it seems often irrelevant to a business podcast.  However, when I thought of Aaron Yoshino, I instinctually found myself gravitating towards All The Light We Cannot See.  All The Light We Cannot See is a novel about World War II and a little French girl and German boy and how their worlds collide as result of the war.

I had the same visceral reaction to Aaron Yoshino’s work as I did when reading All The Light We Cannot See.  That reaction was this is really really mind-blowingly great stuff.  Generally, in both photography and writing I consume a lot of good stuff, but sometimes forget what it’s like to have the really mind-blowing stuff.  Both pieces of work remind me of Steve Jobs noting that the best argument for the existence of God is Yo-Yo Ma’s playing.  


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