Book Pairing #12: Letters From a Nut

There was something about the anxiety of vomiting on my wedding guests on the day of my wedding which made me think of weddings, vomit, and Letters From a Nut.  Letters From a Nut is perhaps the first book I ever fell completely, head over heels, in love with.  I would want to marry this book if I could but apparently Google tells me polygamy is illegal.  

But I know you will ask, how exactly does vomit, The Wedding Cafe, and Letters From a Nut fit together?  All of the above involve weird questions.  Who cleans up my guests if I vomit on them?  Can I still keep the gift if I vomit on someone?  How does one write a thank you card for a guest they vomited on?  These are things I would have asked The Wedding Cafe if I only knew they were out there.  

Okay, that's it.  I think things have gotten freaky enough.  Plus, if you're getting married, you should just read a page a day from this book during the engagement.  I think it will prevent you from vomiting on your guests.  

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