Book Pairing #10: Some Nerve

Originally, I paired Wang Chungs with Some Nerve by Patty Chang Anker.  However, my husband noted that seemed racist.  I’m half Chinese, he’s white, I think I win this argument, right?  I then noted the wisdom of the brilliant Russell Peters in which content that includes topics of race is not necessarily racist.  He then got distracted and went to go check how much Russell Peter’s tickets at Blaisdell were going for.

I then decided to switch to Neil Patrick Harris’ Choose Your Own Autobiography.  My husband noted that I switched to the gay angle.  Society, nowadays, you just can’t win. 

I also wanted to choose Elaine Liu’s Listen to the Squawking Chicken, which is an autobiography by Elaine in which she refers to her mother, lovingly, as a squawking chicken.  I have a Chinese mother, I know a little about chicken….and their feet. 

Anyway, that was my apparent homophobic, racist recommendation. 

P.S. Neil Patrick Harris gives a lovely shoutout to Hawaii 5-0s very own Scott Caan in his book, where he recalls a night where Scott Caan wanted to throw it down gansta style with Mr. Harris when they were teenagers and Harris was sitting with Caan’s ex-girlfriend.  Little did Caan know then, there was really nothing to worry about.  Go to the last B&N on the island, pick up the book, and read that section.  Now.  

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