Book Paring #9: The Art of Asking

I think I’ve been waiting a lifetime to recommend Amanda Palmer’s Art of Asking.  I started this book not expecting much and I thought “well, why not”.  And then I was blown away. 

Amanda Palmer started her career as a street performer in Boston being the 8 foot tall bride and then transformed into the lead singer of a cabaret band, the Dresden Dolls. Now she is an artist in every sense of the word.  She continues to make music and connect with her fan base in all sorts of interesting and creative ways (she’s known for stripping completely naked and letting fans draw on her).    

There were points in the book where personally I might have taken a different direction, but I have great appreciation for the direction Amanda Palmer has taken.  Amanda Palmer has always faced much criticism, including when she was the 8-foot bride.  Sometimes when she was an 8-foot bride, she would face the “get a job” line.  With those people (and her current critics) she never attempted to win over their love.  She also learned not to attack back.  Instead what she’s done and what I’m only learning to do, is to let those people go.   

She also reminds you, that for street performers like Streetlight Cadence, that is their job and they get paid by their customer base just like the rest of us do.  

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