Book Pairing #6, 7, & 8: The Oxford Comma

If you’re reading this, I already like you.  

The book pairing took a break as I tried to battle tax season.  I survived physically, it remains to be seen whether I also survived emotionally.  But I did manage to get through a couple books in the season.  I took on the best-seller, The Girl On The Train which proved to warrant it’s book blockbuster success.  I’m currently on All The Light We Cannot See, which moves slower but the writing is better.  

Episode 6: Michel Maeda – Pacifica Sourcing – Book: Bossypants by Tina Fey.  Tackles the issue of why you should probably never ask a women with child whose working a demanding job “how do you do it?” – read the book, you’ll get it.  

Episode 7: Lori McCarney & Ben Trevino – BikeShare Hawaii – Book: Working Together by Michael Eisner.  There’s conflicting evidence on whether we are better working together or working alone.  Certainly, Ayn Rand and Susan Cain (author of Quiet – a book I loved) argue towards the working alone.  But then there’s Ori Brafman’s The Chaos Imperative (book I also loved) which argue the benefits of small cohesive groups forming great ideas.  But Working Together by Michael Eisner (caveat is that I’m not a huge Michael Eisner fan) is stories of partnerships which worked by the skills of two people complementing the other so perfectly that the sum of the two exceeded the individuals.  He highlights Brian Grazer & Ron Howard, Bill & Melinda Gates, Joe Torre & Don Zimmer, and my beloved pair Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger.  

Episode 8: Art Koshi – The Liquor Collection – Book: Any nonfiction essay by Chuck Klosterman.  Chuck Klosterman has a lot of books of nonfiction essays and I’ve ready everyone, twice.  I Wear the Black Hat, Sex Drugs & Cocoa Puffs, Eating the Dinosaur…. Go down to The Liquor Collection, have Art help you pick out some liquor and start reading.  

 Tax season – Andrea Carr – Book: The Pale King by David Foster Wallace


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