Book Pairing #5: Turn Around Bright Eyes

Interviewing Jon Yamasato had the soundtrack in my head playing Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream on repeat.  It was delightful, nerve-racking and I half-expected mean girls from my teenage years to yell “you’re wearing the wrong jeans to interview him, loser”.  Well, the jokes on those girls because I wasn’t even wearing jeans.  Booyah!

Oh yeah, back to Jon Yamasato & books.  There’s a plethora of music books out there which I highly recommend with the exception of Marilyn Manson.  Don’t get me wrong, Marilyn Manson is great, but in small dosages and his book was like being drowned in something you really only needed a teaspoon of.  But the other great books include Heavier than Heaven, Clapton, Scar Tissue, etc.  But the music books which really rock by Groot socks right off of my feet, are the books by Chuck Klosterman and Rob Sheffield. 

I originally thought to pair Jon with Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs (book by Chuck Klosterman), but thought Jon & everyone else in the universe (including Groot) might take it the wrong way.  Sometimes my appreciation of some things does not translate into someone else’s appreciation of those same things. 

So instead Jon Yamasato’s podcast is paired with Rob Sheffield’s Turn Around Bright Eyes.  Rob Sheffield reminds me of the tall nerdy kid from the Wonder Years mixed with Cameron Crowe’s character from Almost Famous.  His giddy appreciation for everything music and pop culture is contagious, delightful and gives you those same feelings as seeing pictures of Quokka on Instagram.  Turn Around Bright Eyes chronicles Sheffield’s life after being recently widowed and moving to New York City around 9/11.  The book is about love, karaoke, and being a polite Irish Catholic boy.  Basically, it’s about everything I adore.  

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