Book Pairing #3: Things a Little Bird Told Me

I'm not sure I expected to like Biz Stone, but then I ended up liking him a lot in his account of Twitter's creation.  I liked Biz Stone in the same way I liked Spencer Toyama; the passion of using technology to help the collective.  

Plus, there are two other brilliant tidbits about Biz Stone which are worth sharing.

1. He was influential in creating the cloud book jacket for Infinite Jest, and

2. There's a pivotal moment at Twitter where the major founder, Ev Williams is asked to leave by the newly elected CEO, Dick Costello, because Dick thinks it would be uncomfortable to have Ev be around the company he founded while Dick runs it.  Biz Stone utters which might just be my favorite words ever heard in business "How about you be a little uncomfortable for your friend?  For your friend.  A little uncomfortable." 

If you want to read the Real Housewives version of Twitter, I would recommend Hatching Twitter.  Though, it makes Jack Dorsey seem very single white female to a Steve Job's ghost.  

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