Book Pairing #1: Juno Chung & Pancakes!!!

So Andrea, or when I say Andrea, I mean me, wanted to do a book pairing with every podcast.  Mainly because Andrea reads a lot of books to stave off social interaction.  A complete list of Andrea's books and thoughts on books can be found on her GoodReads account.

The book to go with Episode #1: Juno Chung is Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson (yes, yes, I went a little cliche).  The reason being is that Andrew Cherng, who Juno references in the podcast recommends this book to his employees (I found this out while stalking Mr. Cherng on Fortune's website).  

Yes, so the conclusion I got from everyone who read this book was Steve Jobs was kind of a jerk.  I kind of ignore that comment because I'm okay as long as he wasn't a jerk to me and I want proof before I put that kind of judgment on someone.  But here's the point, regardless of Steve Job's demeanor, he had an absurdly clear vision of what he wanted from his company and never wavered.

Also, I stole this picture from Juno, which is (L-R) Brandon (Trung's brother), Juno, Andrew Cherng (owner of Panda Express), and John Zhang (regional manager of Panda Express).  

Pairing #2: Message from a living donor